Search Engine Optimization

Improvement of the visibility of a web site in search engines. The higher a site appears on the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

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Social Media Marketing

A strategy of using a variety of online social media for Internet marketing purposes, which makes it possible to leverage the attention of targeted groups and achieve social marketing goals.

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Internet PR

We will research blogs, online newspapers, magazines related to your industry and contact these sites on behalf of your company, with an inquiry about posting a review about your services.

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A weekly rankings report showing the positions for your keywords in Google and a monthly link report providing the progress of SEO campaign, the Google PR and PageStrength parameters, etc.

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Search Engine Optimization

Phase 1 - Initial content creation and SEO for your web site.

Keyword Research

We will perform research to gather a list of keywords that are relevant to your business (industry). We use Google Keyword Tool and the Keyword Spy service, the major keyword research tools for this purpose. After the list is created, we perform an in-depth analysis of what keywords are most popular (profitable), yet less competitive. Our primary goal is not to use ultra-competitive and expensive keywords, but focus on areas where you can really get an edge over your competitors. Upon discussing the created list with you, we will refine the results to achieve an effective search engine optimization of your web site.

We also take into account a huge number of low-competitive keywords (so called "long-tail keywords").If properly implemented, they can bring up to 50% (or more) of your search traffic.

On-Page Optimization and Content Creation

On-page optimization involves applying a number of optimization procedures to your web site.

During this stage, we will perform a thorough SEO analysis of your web site, giving recommendations on how to make it SEO-friendly (compliant with the guidelines of major search engines). Sometimes, to achieve on-page optimization, it may be essential to make changes to the entire web site structure (design, code, etc.) and perform a considerable amount of programming work. We may also employ proper internal linking techniques between certain inner pages of your web site to improve its search engine ranking for specific keywords even without use of any incoming links.

After all SEO-compatibility problems are resolved, we will add SEO-optimized content (articles and other materials), using the relevant keywords chosen in the previous stage. We will split the keywords list into groups of 3–4 (or more) keywords and provide an article optimized for each keyword group. Each article should have a separate page on your web site. SEO content with quality levels of 4 or 5 will be ordered through marketplace for unique and exclusive written articles. The number of articles will depend on the number of keywords needed for promotion of your web site.

If you regularly update content for your visitors (for example, your company has a blog with industry-related articles), we can provide you with fresh high-quality articles on the relevant topics.

One-time submission:

This process consists of two steps:

1. Submission of your web site to web directories and article directories through submission services.

2. Submission of your web site to social bookmarking web sites.

Phase 2 - Monthly article submission; monthly creation and submission of SEO articles to blog networks.

In this stage, we will perform the following steps:

1.We will order SEO articles (250–270 words) on marketplace for unique and exclusive written articles. We recommend ordering around 100 articles a month since blog networks’s posting speed is 2–5 articles a day.

2.We will order short posts on blog networks. The usual number of short posts is 100 per month, but it is up to your company to make a decision about the appropriate number of posts. This step is optional.

3.The ordered articles and posts with links to your web site will be posted across blog networks. This is an ongoing process.

You will begin to see results in 2–3 months.