Search Engine Optimization

Improvement of the visibility of a web site in search engines. The higher a site appears on the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

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Social Media Marketing

A strategy of using a variety of online social media for Internet marketing purposes, which makes it possible to leverage the attention of targeted groups and achieve social marketing goals.

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Internet PR

We will research blogs, online newspapers, magazines related to your industry and contact these sites on behalf of your company, with an inquiry about posting a review about your services.

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A weekly rankings report showing the positions for your keywords in Google and a monthly link report providing the progress of SEO campaign, the Google PR and PageStrength parameters, etc.

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Internet PR (optional) will research blogs, online newspapers and magazines, and other web sites related to your industry. Then our dedicated employee will contact these web sites on behalf of your company, with an inquiry about posting a review about your company services. This will allow you to increase your brand visibility across the Web and increase your search engine rankings.

We currently have a database of 600 contacts in the Travel industry. We will create a personalized
e-mail for each contact describing the offer and why they should write about it or review it.  Offering a free version of your company's product or service is very helpful.   It takes about 1 month to contact all 600 contacts and costs $900.  We will send the e-mail from a your company email account and will cc the client on the responses so the client can give direction and feedback. Ultimately, the client can "take over" a contact if desired.

We can add other industries in addition to Travel.